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The exhaust pipe rubber lug
Brand: VW
Applicable models: GOLF/IBIZA
Product USES the high strength of NR rubber production, excellent strength and tearing resistance, currently used Volkswagen GOLF and IBIZA model.
Auto opening slab rubber damping
Brand: Opel
Applicable models: BO/TIGRA
Car open glue set, USES the high quality of NR rubber processing, wear-resisting performance is superior.
O-rings for static fluid sealing, medium such as water, oil, air, chemical solvents, chemicals, etc.
Using the temperature between 20-320 degrees, pressure is generally less than 20 mpa, but when used in dynamic sealing and semiconductor vacuum sealing, not more than 5 mpa pressure requirements.
Car special thing
Automotive products special pieces of rubber
International certification level products
Summary: o-rings, gaskets
Features: the NSF, KTW - W270, WRAS, ACS certification
Application: water equipment, household appliances
Perfluorinated ether rubber material is all elastic sealing material in high temperature resistant, chemical solvent resistance and high cleanness character best rubber material, resistant to chemicals and corrosive medium, strong acid, strong alkali resistance, ethers, esters, ketones, nitrogen compounds, hydrocarbon kind, alcohols, aldehydes, oil, steam, corrosion of more than 1600 kinds of chemical products such as amino compounds), heat resistance up to 327 ℃ in the harsh environment, give full play to its remarkable effect.

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