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  LSB invite you to visit Wate    [ 2015-10-20 ]
  2015 FlowEx China    [ 2015-10-20 ]
  ISF China 2015    [ 2015-10-20 ]
  2015 Chengdu CAPAS    [ 2015-10-20 ]
  LSB attended 2014CIAAR succe    [ 2015-10-20 ]
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   Product selection guide
Diaphragm products

Rubber mold piece has a high temperature resistant, oil resistant, acid salt, etc. The advantages of all kinds of chemical medium. LSB products are mainly applied to electromagnetic valve, diaphragm pump, and other products.
Materials include: FKM, fluorine rubber, NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber), EPDM (three yuan 3-20), PTFE diaphragm (PTFE), composite material, etc.

Metal stamping products

The company production and testing equipment, strong technical force. Professional processing of the material such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum metal stamping parts.
Welcome calls negotiate. 

International certification level products

Summary: o-rings, gaskets
Features: the NSF, KTW - W270, WRAS, ACS certification
Application: water equipment, household appliances

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