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 LSB is a place for successful career, a place to realize the dream!

LSB employment outlook:
Merit is the only example;
Expertise and resources, the amount of occupational employment;
The trust-based, clearly responsible for authorization.

Concept of human resources:
Employees are the greatest wealth!

Salaries and benefits:
Talents in the cause of this harvest is not only a sense of accomplishment, as well as the interests of a reasonable return.


The company advocates "fair, just, open, competitive environment and promotion mechanisms.


The purpose of reasonable and effective appraisal system, the staff through the performance of work recognition, reward and provide long-term career development opportunities to achieve work together to promote each other and share the results of.

Training: The company continued to introduce and nurture talent and provide business skills and career development space, pro-system training courses provide an opportunity and platform for growth and development of every employee in order to establish a vibrant and sustained and stable workforce.



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