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Since the foundation, LSB always adhere to the "science and technology " of development strategies, and constantly enhance their ability to innovate, continue to promote enterprise technological innovation, the progressive realization of the corporate shift from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, technological innovation and tooling equipment modernize facilities, and strive to Europe and the United States leader in line.
LSB R & D department governs the development of the whole group of modern precision mold processing and high-tech means of product testing. LSB R&D department established a stable scientific relations with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Institute of Rubber Products, who provide strong support for technology innovation and new product development. 
R & D is the source of dynamic and no ending growing of an enterprise! There is no future without R & D,
Over the years, LSB continue to invest considerable resources in the research and development of rubber raw materials, especially for the rubber when the prolonged use of heat, cold, oil, wear-resistant, acid, solvent resistance, chloramines and other characteristics, andfurther study, hoping to develop low-cost, high-quality sealing products.

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