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The culture of LSB, is the summation of LSB core concept, philosophy, management, employment mechanism, and code of Conduct, the most important among which is LSB’s core values​​, it is the common value orientation the majority of LSB members believe in.
Business Goal: to become the world's leading expert in sealing technology solutions.
Values: integrity management, pioneering spirit, innovation
Cooperation concept: to help our partners become more powerful
Concept of development: the steady development, the development of robust demand in stability
Behavioral concept: external market-oriented, internal results-oriented
The employment outlook: meritocracy, ability oriented; turn human resources to best account; trust-based, clearly responsible for authorization.
The success of LSB is not only limited to provide high quality sealing products and services, but also closely related to the idea that keeps on the goal of providing sealing technology solutions. It is this business philosophy, that makes LSB stands higher and sees farther.
Values: integrity management, pioneering spirit, innovation.
Through two decades of development, LSB accumulated their own corporate values, it is the guide of the LSB members’ unremitting effort, and also the collection of excellent quality of LSB members during its development.
Business integrity: the integrity of the Chinese nation's fine traditions, integrity management is also the most valuable wealth during the 20 years development of LSB history.“ Winning the confidence among the whole world” is the base of foundation of LSB enterprise, and also is the base of LSB members behaviors. 
To forge ahead: It is by virtue of a pioneering spirit, the indomitable spirit of hard work, making LSB continue to make breakthroughs, surpass their own during the past 20 years. The pioneering spirit of overcoming problems and pursuing ideals is the reflection of LSB members’ real life. 
Innovation:  truth-seeking is the foothold of an enterprise, LSB can only Develop with a pragmatic spirit, innovation is the inexhaustible motive force
for the progress and prosperity of enterprise, is the the only way leading to the survival and development of an enterprise.
LBS values ​​business integrity, pioneering spirit, innovation is an organic whole, which cannot be indivisible.
Concept of LSB: to help our partners become more powerful.
Due to the reason of the industry and the historical development , LSB has been very much concerned about the relationship with partners. In cooperation with partners, LSB  pursues the concept of "win-win principle", helping our partners become stronger is the best interpretation of the "win-win principle". The role and value of LSB is to help our partners' products and services become more competitive and creative. LSB is not the bright shining pearl on the crown sinking, but is the person helps the partners to be the Pearl.
LSB concept of development: develop with stability, keep steady in development . 
Development is of overriding, but we need obey the objective laws of development 
, seek truth from facts and do everything in a down-to-earth way. Like building a skyscraper, the development of LSB can not be a one day project, it bounds to collapse with too fast speed, is bound to collapse with temporary prosperity. 
LSB needs to maintain steady in development, only in this way LSB can become stronger.
LSB behavior Appearance: external market-oriented, internal results-oriented.
LSB behavior appearance is proposed by LSB members, external market-oriented, internal results-oriented, which is the behavior guide of all LSB members; it is the best solution in encountering difficulties. Obey the market regulation, adapt to market demand and development as a starting point, to ensure that LSB has always been able to adapt to the trend of market development and demand. Within the enterprise, LSB adhere to the results-oriented policy, all LSB members emphasizes on result for everything, and should pay attention to the results, which helps us improve our efficiency. 
LSB employment outlook: meritocracy, is cited; utilized, trust-based, clearly responsible for authorization. Try every possible ways to create conditions for people to maximize the capacity and potential, to establish clearly the scope of rights and obligations, which is LSB’s employment standards all along.

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