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Establish and improve the management system, and publicize on the prominent site. Management system must contain the following: risk management practices for online trading, membership access and exit  system, credit management system, the complainant reported the advisory mediation system, members regularly patrol system, the privacy protection system, after-sales service commitment system, data security system. 

Credit Management System

First, to enhance the site's users sense of credit, improve credit awareness, the specification of network transactions, increase the trust of online transactions, we formulate website credit evaluation of the management system.

Second, the letter of evaluation mentioned in this system means members of this website have the right to make an evaluation of the other transactions after a successful completion of each transaction, this evaluation is also called the credit evaluation. The two parties shall evaluate based on a practical and realistic, serious and responsible attitude to prohibit malicious evaluate or speculation credit.
Third, set the credit evaluation index system (develop the actual credit evaluation index system according to the site tradable goods, as well as both parties to).

1, each user of the credit is divided into two parts: the credit score and praise (satisfaction), the initial value is zero.

2. Credit evaluation index system, evaluation is divided into "praise", "comment", "Poor" into three categories, and set the corresponding points of each evaluation. "Praise" and 1-2 points, "comment" zero, "Poor" buckle 1-2.
3.   Three degrees: the members of the evaluation points accumulated, and evaluation integral display on the site page.
4 of the evaluation period: trading success after several days (15 days).

Third, the evaluation process

Buyers evaluate sellers based on the seller's product quality, service attitude, speed of delivery and logistics company services the seller ; sellers evaluate buyers based on buyers shopping attitude, payment speed of the buyer to evaluate.

1, how to assess, suggesting that the site evaluation process. A transaction only to conduct an evaluation.

2, the two sides should evaluate trading success after several days (15 days) in the evaluation of the other party before the completion of the evaluation is not visible, both sides have completed the evaluation, the evaluation of the content will be real-time display and integral of the whole network, in a specified time within not evaluated, the system automatically defaults to the praise and points. The evaluation generated been assessed within the specified time to explain.

3, the evaluation scoring rules:

1) each natural mid-evaluation score, the same buyers and sellers should not exceed six times (the system displays the transaction created). Beyond the scoring rules of the scope of the evaluation will not scoring.
2) If, within 14 days (the system displays the transaction to create the calculation of time) the same trading house on the same goods, the number of transactions, more praise only scored once more Poor demerit points only once.
Fourth, evaluation, modification and deletion
Both parties have a chance to revise or cancle the evaluation within 30 days after an evaluation. This revised evaluation can not be deleted again after the revised or re-edited. Evaluation changes according to the rules of scoring. Evaluation can modify or delete one, please exercise caution.

Article 5, the display of evaluation points

Credit points and praise (satisfaction), the credit is divided into the accumulated value of the evaluation scoring, received the degree of (satisfaction) refers to the praise or the percentage of credit points can be set to a different icon in the trading of both credit be represented.
Traded on the risk management approach

The first, in order to strengthen the website's transaction risk management, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to the transaction to ensure that this site normal online shopping, according to the site management system and trading rules, the development of this approach.

Second, the website, members, customers must abide by these measures.
Third, both parties must use their true identity

This site both parties in the process of online shopping transactions, you should use the true identity of their own identity information, businesses, etc., this site has the responsibility to inform each other of their true identity, such as: business license and a special business license according to the information, physical business address and a real and effective contact.
Fourth, both parties must understand each other's true identity.
This website before entering into a transaction as possible to understand each other's true identity, credit status, performance ability, and other transaction information may be required to inform the other party or inquiries to the online shopping platform provider, if necessary, can also query to the relevant management, service agencies. If the person refuses to provide basic identifying information, or find other information, false information exists, it should be treated with caution, cautious trading, be vigilant and guard against fraud with the use of online shopping.

Article V, using a secure means of payment.
The online payment site selection, should raise awareness of secure payment, safe and reliable online payment platforms, and in a timely manner to save payment information. Paid under select network of online shopping transactions, to fully consider the cash on delivery, payment and delivery characteristics and differences, and select the most safe and convenient means of payment, pay attention to the safety of the use of funds.

Article VI, shopping records for the transaction credentials.
The members of this site should be kept by the various types of transaction records and backup, such as: the identity information of both sides, commodity information, payment information, shipping information, contract information, and communication records in the shopping process. In the event of a dispute as credentials to handle disputes. In progress involving an amount greater or more important transactions, you can generate the necessary written documents or take other reasonable measures to save the transaction log.
Article 7, the transaction must enter into a contract.

7, both sides must sign the contract.

Article 8, both sides must comply with the requirements stated in the contract.

Both parties signs contract by electronic mail, online exchange, both parties must comply with the relevant provisions of the law of contract law, electronic signatures, and note the following:
1.  data message to confirm receipt of the relevant matters;
2. To the form of a data message to send the offer to withdraw, the withdrawal and failure and promised to withdraw;
3, the legal effect of the automatic trading system file;
4, the price to pay, subject matter and related documents, certificate of delivery;
5, the choice of court of competent jurisdiction or an arbitration institution, to determine the applicable law;
6, laws and regulations of other matters.
Article IX, the use of electronic signatures in accordance with the law.
This website by electronic signature to sign a contract to comply with the legal requirements for electronic signatures, the use of reliable electronic signatures, electronic certification service provider established by law to provide the certification services.

Complaints reported consulting mediation system

First, in order to further regulate the admissibility of complaints and consulting for the trade of the dimension of this website, to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the users of this Web site and create a favorable trading environment, we develop this regulation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and agreements.
Second, the site set up a complaints report counseling centers, create a file management system, users can report complaints and consulting by phone, email or online message, etc.

Third  complaints

1, When the user’s legitimate rights and interests are violated or disputed in online deal, such as the encounter online transactions do not buy, online transactions do not sell, the receivables are not shipping goods, online description does not match actual goods, the malicious evaluation can be chosen to make a complaint to the complaints and reports center of this web site.

2, User make complaints need to provide the information of the complainant, the complainant objects, complaints. Etc.

3, For the complaints that do not meet the accepted range of complaints, informed the users timely the reasons and rationale of the laws, regulations and terms.

4, For the complaints that accepted, the site staff feedback timely mediate to the customers in accordance with the law in a fair and impartial manner.

5、We mediate actively the user's complaints to be active mediation, if mediation fails, the user can seek relevant administrative departments to help or be resolved through legal channels, this website should offer appropriate support and cooperation.
Fourth  Accusation

1, For the undesirable information and trade practice appearing on this website , the user has the right to accuse irregularities, accusation types including the release of infringing images, selling of the lock-up products and violation of relevant state laws and regulations.

The informants can accuse anonymously or accuse with real name,  all personal information of anonymous informants is protected by this website, and not released to third parties.

The informants should provide real and effective to report the evidence and materials.

Report content should be verified, the person who was accused can appeal and try to provide proofs to approve the validity of his appeal. This site will be verify based on the appeal of who was accused and feedback to the informants.

The accusation will be considered invalid if it is verified and proved false.
If the accusation is verified involving in committing state laws and regulations according to the rules judgment, the accused products will be forced off the shelf or delete the "processing, and the person who is accused will be punished by appropriate penalties in accordance with the relevant provisions, if the circumstances are serious, the account will be permanently "freezed", constitutes a crime, if it is committed, it will be handed over to judicial organs be held criminally responsible.

Article V, consulting
1, This site of the company offers provide advisory services related issues to our site, users can consult by phone, email or online message, etc..

2, The staff should complete processing and reply to the message on this website.

3, The staff can answer messages on the message box by email, telephone, QQ on line etc, the status can only be set as completed after the question is solved and or the related emails are sent out.


Data security system

First, in order to ensure the important user data and confidentiality of information security, and earnestly safeguard the interests of users, the below formulated system is put out according to the security and confidentiality requirements of the computer information network of the People's Republic of China.

Article, the staff shall not disclose the user's personal registration information, transaction information, data and file, etc.; not leak server customer information such as account numbers, passwords and other information is strictly prohibited unauthorized use of other customer's account and IP address.
Third, unauthorized, no person shall enter the database of non-public area, shall not be access to and use of the database user information, and shall not interfere with and impede the normal work of the data center or other customer.

Fourth, without permission, the parameters of any person is not free to transform the environment of network and computer equipment installed in the engine room are not allowed to change the network and server equipment.

Nnon-random misappropriation, conversion and destruction of public facilities within the engine room.

6, Help data center management and security personnel to carry out the necessary security checks. Carry out necessary processing to the person involved in case of violation of the security system according to the data center management requirements on the parties to, depending on the seriousness of the case, If the act constitutes a crime, it will be handed over to the Police prosecution service shall be held criminally responsible.

7, Uses the network of the national security authentication access control and security detection software on the network layer, the establish site monitoring stations, real-time monitor the network dynamics, and network monitoring to retain, so as to trace the source of the attack site (web) was attacked,
8. use the keys and authentication, access control, field encryption and other security measures software at the application level in order to ensure the security of the system of shared and dedicated information
9. Configure the global unified user information, access control and system audit function of the central security management software in order to ensure the overall safety of the system. 。
10. prohibite the network management center staff privately advantage of such work and illegal means of access to non-shared information. When the network management staff need to deal with work related in secret information, data recovery, processing, they need request of the user departments with the relevant business and technical staff to deal with.

11, The network management center should always be the user network security, data privacy and Internet-related laws and regulations and other aspects of education, strengthen data security and check found a breach of confidentiality or any errors, breach of confidentiality, and timely supervision department at the relevant investigation.


Privacy protection system

The data in the proper use of the case not been compromised in order to protect users' personal information, to avoid losses caused by the loss of privacy, the site development of privacy protection system.

 The applicable scope of this site Privacy

1, when the user is registered on this site, this site requires personal registration information;

Users to browse the user to use the Service to participate in the activities of this site, or visit the web page of this website, this website automatically receives and records the value on the server, including IP address and other data and user requirements to access the Web History

Users on this site, the site collected the relevant data of the transaction, including the bid, purchase, credit evaluation, a gig, shipping address, contact telephone number, contact name;
this site obtain users personal data from business partners through legal way.

Protection of user’s inforation:

1、The user's information is kept confidential and not to be used for purpose out of the normal operation of this website except with the prior permission from the user。

This website also does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell, disseminate or disclose users' personal information by any means. This site has the right to immediately terminate the service agreement with the user, the seizure of their accounts to any user who is engaged in these activities, once discovered,

Fourth, users' personal information will be disclosed under some or all of the following cases:

1. With the user permission to disclose to third parties;

2、Disclose to third parties or administrative or the executive judicial institutions according to the relevant provisions of the law.
4、In order to provide products and services you requested, but must share users' personal information and third parties;

the other appropriate disclosure on this website in accordance with the law or the site agreement.

Article 5, information security

Users should take good care of the account and password information;
user accounts will have password protection.

In the use of this site to conduct online transactions, users provide their personal information such as contact details or postal address inevitably to the counterparty or potential transactions to. The user should properly protect their personal information to others only in necessary cases;

If the users find their personal information leak, especially in this web site account and password leak occurs, immediately contact the customer service of this website, to enable the site to take corresponding measures.

Article 6, users have to query their own information at any time, supplement or correct, delete, use the right.
Article 7, regarding the use of cookies by the website set up information about the cookies made, will apply to this system
After-sales service commitment system
First, in order to maximize the protection of the interests of consumers, and timely feedback the products sold to the adverse situation in order to make appropriate improvements to the interests of consumers with the web site (business) interests unify, especially the development of this system.

Second, this site (business) "Product Quality Law" and "Consumer Protection Act strictly enforce the after-sales service system, according to the law to protect the interests of consumers. This site (business) is responsible for product quality Three Guarantees required within one year. Certain quality and function for a longer period of warranty commitments.

This website (business) sale of goods with the physical store to sell the same brands and models of goods entitled to the same after-sales service, including three bags of service and Genius.

the implementation of the three bags of after-sales service

1、 7 days free return. From the date of sale (receipt date) within 7 days (inclusive), if the customers to buy products because of quality problems is not working, the customer can choose to return, replacement or repair
2、 8-30 days for free replacement. From the date of sale on the 8th to 30 days (inclusive), if the customer purchases the product because of quality problems is not working, the customer can choose to replace or repair.
3、 within one year of maintenance for more than two free replacement. 1 year (inclusive) since the date of sale, if the product quality problems can not be normal use, repair two maintenance organizations through this website (business), still is not working, the customer can choose to replace or repair.
4. year warranty. (Inclusive), within one year from the date of sale, quality problems in the normal and reasonable use of the case, the web site (business) to provide free warranty service.
5. When the refund, replacement in the implementation of the "Three Guarantees commitment, in addition to the invoice, the customer be sure to defective products and all accessories, back on this website (business). In addition, this site (business) replaced free of charge, on the back of the invoice to indicate time for replacement and replacement serial number and the official seal, re-specify time limit of three bags of the date of the start time from the replacement.
this site (business) problems encountered by customers during product use to provide hotline services to provide professional solutions for the customer, by product and technical personnel.

for out of warranty and need maintenance products, this website (business) available for a fee maintenance costs as the maintenance of content, the warranty period extended for three months (self-good within three months).

Can not enjoy the "three guarantees commitment" and "warranty". From the date of sale, if you belong to any of the following reasons, this site (business) the right not to provide free repairs in accordance with the terms of the three bags of commitment "and" warranty ", you can choose the paid services.

Beyond the expiration date of the three guarantee commitment, and free maintenance period;

Failure or damage caused due to failure of obeying manual use, maintenance, custody

Failure or damage caused by the people who’s not from maintenance organizations of this website and maintenance of off-site (business);
without a valid invoice (to prove that the products, except within the warranty period);

off-site (business) products;

Failure or damage due to force majeure such as natural disasters (floods, fires, etc.), environment, climate interference, and other external factors caused by improper operational factors such as unstable power, computer failure, hot-plug or wiring error, failure or damage

other non-product design, technology, manufacturing, quality issues caused by the failure or damage.

Member access to withdraw from the system

First, application for registration shall meet the conditions for its members:

1, user registration, visit this site, fill out the information required to confirm and agree to fulfill their agreement, the relevant user, After successful registration, users use a specific user name and password to access this site and become a member.

2the user must have full civil capacity of natural persons or legal business status of the entity organization, no capacity for civil conduct limited civil capacity, as well as non-operating or specific business qualified organizations improperly registered user of this website or more than civil rights or ability to engage in transactions, void ab initio with the service agreement between this website and this website, once discovered, the right to immediately cancel the user, and held accountable for its use of the Web site "service" all legal liability.
Second, members enjoy the following rights:

Priority to participate in the activities of the organization of this site; recommendations of the site work, the right to criticism and supervision;

Enjoy free or preferential enjoy the services provided on this website; priority access to the site to help solve the problems related business;

Require this site to help safeguard their legitimate rights and interests;

Membership voluntary retirement will be free.

Third, membership obligations:
1、 To comply with the Site Customer Agreement, associate site work;
2、 Commissioned this website to collect unit according to the requirements of this site (involving the exception of trade secrets); agree with this Council to disclose its information in accordance with the law (involving the exception of trade secrets);
3、mutual assistance and cooperation between members, mutual support and common development, and consciously safeguard the trade secrets of the Member;
4、 pay membership fee.

Article suspension and termination of service.

the user voluntary interruption or termination of the agreement, and between this site and exit the members of this site.

In violation of the relevant provisions of the service agreement, this site has the right to terminate the services provided to the user. This site will be notified when the interrupt service users. Such as the user in this site to terminate the provision of services, once again, directly or indirectly, or to others registered in the name of the site users, this site has the right again to unilaterally terminate the services provided to the user;

Once on this website user registration data is false, this site reserves the right to terminate the services provided to the user;

Termination or renewal of the service agreement, the user expressly unwilling to accept the new service agreement;

The other on this website that the need for termination of service.


Members regularly patrol system

The first, in order to ensure that the site registration authenticity of membership information and membership information, the system is formulated

People arrangement and inspection duty:

1, content managers take full responsibility for the entire platform, inspection personnel responsible for the entire site information and member of the Register publish information in inspection, verification, and activation. The network information security management team responsible for managing all information auditors and information auditors audit by the contents of the monitor.

absenteeism, such as patrol officers, the department head shall promptly arrange for other officers patrol. Holidays, shall cause the duty officer to patrol member information.

Inspection cycle as follows: a comprehensive inspection of the day, one week spot checks once the January census time.

Third, inspection rules:

Join the check:

the day before a comprehensive inspection of the day registered members information, if found to contain harmful, false, defamatory, or vilification of others in the registration information immediately be deleted

every Friday the week of registration information to conduct random checks, carry out spot checks on all registration information on the end of each month, mainly to search for specific keywords.

member check of the information posted on the website:

membership issued by corporate and product information:

the inspection the day of inspection, audit display on the site front is passed;

the audit did not pass, if the reason is not perfect, promptly inform the member complete; if the information contains the content of harmful, false, defamatory, or vilification of others, directly be deleted.

Member release of supply and demand of commercial information:

the inspection frequency according to information released regularly checked, generally 15 minutes to check.

Check the member information published contain harmful, false, defamatory or libelous content directly be deleted.

the correction of the report deal with:
Web site set up error correction report with contact information, Patrol officers check daily e-mail or answer the related phone, timely processing of the user to reflect the membership information, A careful and timely reply

Article inspection points:

Check of the key periods: am within 30 minutes of work to complete the membership registration information and membership information of the first pass check. Afternoon about 30 minutes away from work before the final again to check.

According to the frequency of inspection: department heads needed to set the inspection frequency. Inspection staff member information published in accordance with the inspection frequency for inspection and maintenance.

the inspection: including all registered member data and member information posted on the website. Remove the harmful information, false, retransmission, spam and other information.
the harmful information: website publishers of all types of information must be in strict compliance with the "Interim Provisions of the People's Republic of China Computer Information Network International network management", "Internet Information Services management approach" and other relevant national policies, laws and regulations. Member may not edit, and disseminate the following information:
(一) against the basic principle of the Constitution;
(二) endanger national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power or damages national unity;
(三)harm national honor and interests
(四) incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;
(五) to undermine state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;
(六)spread rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability;
(七)spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or abetting the commission of a crime;
(八) insult or slander others, infringes upon the lawful rights and interests;
(九)contains the laws and administrative regulations prohibit the other content
    Patrol officers keyword search available (if necessary, please use the fuzzy search methods to retrieve column information). Found to be harmful, quickly make the information backup (to retain the original records: fat content, user IP, login time, registration time, last access time) and all posts in the ID-by-audit, and then immediately remove the harmful information, and reported to the department head. Department heads are required to pass technological means: the blacklist control + regular database checks (one week), to deal with such information. Such as serious cases, department heads shall be reported to the management authorities through the information network security management team!
3.2、false: publish content obviously inconsistent with the facts;
3.3、 libel, slander others information: Information malicious abuse of a company or individual words, such information often appears in the interactive section of the forums and experts. If you have such information, and inspection personnel at the same time to be active in the popular guide, if the circumstances are serious, then immediately remove
3.4、 and part inconsistent information: information content and the part the subject (ie, part name or the name of the sub-columns) inconsistent or less in line with the information
3.5、re-issued junk information: the same information in a part will only be allowed release time, and will only be allowed to be published to a part or sub-section, or as retransmission; repeatedly re-issued every time each one is re-issued the amount of information in more than five, or repeated re-issued, each situation is five minutes or more, are considered spam. Patrol officers only need to keep the latest one, the rest deleted. If necessary, add blacklist shield its publishing features;
3.6、 garbled information: on the page showing as garbled information. The exclusion of the technical problems of the site itself, you should immediately delete or amend such information.
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